10kSteps - App for the iPhone5S to track your step history

Get fit! Stay healthy! Walk 10k steps! This app exclusively for the iPhone 5S and its M7 motion coprocessor empowers you to track and achieve your step goal. Start small and get to 10,000 steps a day or more. 

- Developed from the "ground-up" exclusively for iPhone 5S and iOS7 
- Enables you to track and help achieve your daily goal of 10,000 steps (which can be configured via settings) 
- Track your steps remaining, current daily pace and steps per hour and also what the desired pace needs to be to achieve your daily goal 
- Monitor your Activity as seen by the M7 motion coprocessor as it detects Running, Walking, Stationary and Automotive with its level of Confidence reading 
- Sophisticated StepCounter and your walking history recorder with capability to record your daily walking history and metrics for years 
- Leverages the powerful and energy saving M7 motion coprocessor on the iPhone 5S to track and record your steps. No other device to purchase or wear other than your iPhone 5S. 
- Easily set goals based on your needs and success thresholds to track your progress 
- Works efficiently in the background recording your daily steps history even when the application is not active 
- Presents a 7 day at a glance graphical view as a bar graph or scatter plot 
- View your daily walking history and metrics the history browsing 
- View your personal best walk, average steps per walk, 
- Customizable stride settings, daily step goals, success threshold and even distance settings (miles or km) 
- Saves all data privately and securely on your device 
- Share your daily progress with friends using Mail, iMessage, Airdrop and other social networks (if available)

Coming soon to the AppStore!